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Renegotiate your lease or move?

Business Space helps you to define and choose the best solution for your company or organisation, whether it is to stay or to move.

We explore with you the opportunities that meet your requirements and resources.

Our goal is to help you save valuable resources and optimize your office space!

Office relocation strategy: how do we do it?

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Office space and NWOW

Together with our Workplace Consultant, we analyse your space requirements. During this analysis, we take into account the new ways of working (NWOW) and look together at what is applicable for you.

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Real estate consulting & Strategy

Together we determine the right real estate strategy for your needs, whether it is for your current office space or an optimal alternative space. We then implement it and negotiate the appropriate financial terms.

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Analysis of common charges & negotiation

Together with our expert in common charges, we analyse the points to be corrected in your current situation (up to 5 years back) and the corrections and/or ceilings to be achieved in your future situation. Following the analysis, we negotiate by your side to optimise your common charges as much as possible.

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Technical audit

Following negotiations with the owners of your current office space and the selected spaces, a technical audit of the spaces will be coordinated by Business Space. We will collaborate with one of our specialised partners to carry out the necessary technical audit.

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Legal negotiation

Together with the legal counsel appointed by the Customer, negotiations will be conducted regarding the legal terms of the lease agreement proposed by the landlord. Business Space will form a team with the Customer's legal counsel to negotiate an optimal basis for the lease agreement.

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Change management & office dilapidations

When moving, it is important that your team remains operational. Together with our Workplace Consultant, we make sure that the transition to the new office space goes smoothly. Besides that, the office space you are leaving has to be refurbished as stipulated in your initial inventory of fixtures. The former owner will make sure that this handover is as expensive as possible, which is why Business Space will intervene to reduce this cost as much as possible.

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Why moving? Why staying?



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Questions about office relocation?

Business Space’s Move or Stay is a fully personalised service to help you decide on the best rental solution for your business or organisation.

Our experts carefully analyse the financial and legal conditions of your lease contract to advise you on your rental situation, to Remain or to Move.

We have put in place a unique 6-step process that will not only help you decide on the best real estate strategy, but will also ensure that you save money while achieving your organisational goals.

There are several economic or legal reasons why companies or organisations decide to relocate.

Often this is due to the development of the company, or to hybrid work.

At this point, the office space is no longer suitable for the company’s or organisation’s situation and moving is a desirable solution.

We provide you with the information you need to make sure that you come out of the process a winner.

Moving your offices is not always a necessity.

Indeed, a renegotiation with your current landlord could satisfy your requirements, whether in terms of space, flexibility and/or optimisation of your rental conditions.

The benefits of a successful renegotiation can allow you to stay in your office space and avoid the hassle of moving.

We provide you with the information you need to make sure you come out of the process a winner.

We operate on a “No Cure – No Pay” system.

Our services are only remunerated on the basis of the result achieved for you.

Whatever the size of your surface, we are here to help you.

Our research covers both traditional offices and flexible spaces (coworking spaces & business centres).

If you need help, let us know, our experts are at your disposal.

Our clients include a diverse range of organisations, from international groups to start-ups and international associations and federations.

We advise our clients on their rental situation and listen to their changing needs. We strive to build lasting relationships that support the development of your business or organisation!


Want to know everything about office rental?

What is your project?

At Business Space, we understand that the process of dealing with corporate real estate can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why our team of experts provides you with personalised advice in every situation, to save you time and money!

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