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Common area maintenance charges audit

Is the amount of common charges for your offices fair?

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Common maintenance charges: watch out for the bill!

A large majority of tenants focus solely on the rent.

It is a classic mistake not to worry about the common charges related to the rental, either because of lack of knowledge or lack of clarity in their breakdown.

Indeed, common charges tend to be not very explicit in the statement of charges. In addition, some items remain evasive, and are similar to hidden costs.

The result? Common maintenance charges can represent up to 50% of the rent for an office space.

The time has come to get expert advice!

Why an audit of common maintenance charges?

Our audit and control service for common charges

Business Space enables its customers to make informed decisions and avoid overpaying for common charges on their office space.

Our team provides a detailed analysis and report of all costs associated with running their office space, so that nothing is left to chance and no extra costs are discovered along the way.

Our methodology


We analyse all the services and your actual common charges in relation to the market benchmark.


We will point out the weak points of the services and common charges and advise you on a strategy to be implemented in order to optimise the results.


We show you how to implement the chosen strategy in order to achieve optimisation.

The 3 types of common maintenance charges

Do you know how to decipher your invoice and statement of charges? Are all costs justified? Are you paying your own utilities or your landlord's too? How can you reduce the amount of the bill? An independent Tenant Rep will help you adjust the bill... in your favor!

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Any questions about the common charges audit service?

When talking about leases and property management, it is important to understand what the term “charges” refers to. There are 3 types of charges: common charges of the building, private charges of the tenant, and charges of the owner.

Common charges refer to expenses that are shared by all tenants of a building, such as building insurance, maintenance and cleaning of common areas, maintenance and upkeep of HVAC installations, maintenance and upkeep of common areas, automatic doors, fire-fighting systems, etc. and/or reception and security services, for example.

The private charges of the tenants relate to their specific consumption, such as water, electricity specific to the premises they occupy, cleaning of the private premises including the interior and exterior glazing if the windows are openable.

Finally, owner’s expenses are those attributed to the owner himself and include costs related to the maintenance and replacement of facilities related to the structure of the building or to the maintenance of non-rented areas.

By helping tenants to understand the distinctions between these different types of charges, Business Space advises them on the correct allocation of costs and charges and how to optimise them.

Business Space helps tenants of office space to better understand the common charges and costs of the rented areas, so that they can avoid paying too much and, above all, only pay the charges that are really due. By thoroughly examining service charge statements, Business Space is able to detect hidden “landlord” costs that are often concealed in the common charges.

This means that our tenant-clients are advised to avoid excessive charges due to lack of information or miscommunication with the landlord and/or property manager.

We operate on a “No Cure – No Pay” system.
Our services are only remunerated on the basis of the results achieved for you.

Our clients range from international groups to young, fast-growing companies and international associations.

We advise our clients on their rental situation and listen to their changing needs. We strive to build lasting relationships that support the development of your business or organisation!


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At Business Space, we understand that the process of dealing with corporate real estate can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why our team of experts provides you with personalised advice in every situation, to save you time and money!

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