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Find your next flexible office space in record time with our specialized Flex Space Consultancy service.

Whether it's a start-up or a multinational corporation, we can help you find the perfect flex space to accommodate your company's growth.

Methodology: how do we proceed?

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We conduct a custom search that matches your specific needs and objectives.

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After carefully analyzing the chosen market, we will present you with a selection of flexible office spaces that will meet your search criteria.

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We help you to negotiate the best possible offers for flexible office space with the expertise of our consultants!

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Nous vous accompagnons jusqu'à la signature du contrat, en veillant à ce que les conditions de location de votre espace de bureau flexible soient optimisées par rapport aux objectifs fixés.

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on common charges and rents on behalf of our clients.

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Why Business Space ?

Our team offers clients a variety of services to meet their office space needs.


We not only find the ideal location, but we also verify lease fees and negotiate favorable financial and legal terms to ensure that your commercial lease is secured on a term basis.


This makes us an all-in-one long-term partner, able to advise you in any scenario!


Don't spend precious hours scouring the web to find the perfect coworking space. We have the service you need!

Business Centres

Get the ideal office space in a business center. With our history of successful transactions and our knowledge of the market, we negotiate the best possible terms for you. This, in order to offer you an unbeatable value proposition!


Questions about shared offices

From a practical point of view, the shared office is an optimal choice for companies with a small staff or large companies that have a need for satellite offices across their business areas.

It allows users to have privacy while offering flexibility in terms of regularity. In addition, flex spaces often have more amenities than traditional facilities and offer beneficial networking opportunities that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

For companies looking for office space with flexibility, shared offices are an excellent choice. Not only are they more affordable than traditional lease or buy options, which can be particularly expensive in urban centres, but they also allow companies to adapt their needs frequently without having to make the long-term commitment they would with traditional leases and purchases.

Thus, the flexible rental periods of shared offices make them an attractive option for today’s entrepreneurs.

Business Space is here to help you find the ideal shared office that best suits your needs and budget.

We are experts who have spent years researching all the options in the local markets.

In addition, we are fully aware of the applicable rental terms and conditions, and our team will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get excellent terms for any flexible office space you choose.

Ultimately, we are your trusted partner for all your rental property needs!

We offer an independent service that focuses exclusively on connecting you with your ideal office space, without any affiliation. This means you get totally impartial advice!

Our team has extensive knowledge of shared office space and is able to select the best options for your needs!

When looking for flexible office space, timing is everything. You should start your search about 3-6 months before you need a flexible office space. These types of offices offer much more flexibility than traditional offices.

Although coworking offices are more fluid in terms of move-in and move-out dates than traditional offices, last-minute requests for immediate space can often be costly or impossible to arrange.

So plan ahead, compare business centres and coworking spaces and get ready to enjoy the benefits of this assignment!

Finding your private office space in a business centre requires a longer lead time than for coworking spaces. That’s why we advise you to plan for a lead time of about 6 months. Especially if you are in a competitive market, or if you have special needs or wishes for your office space.

The earlier you start your business centre search and compare potential private office spaces, the more likely you are to get the ideal private office space, including all the amenities that best suit your business needs and budget.


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At Business Space, we understand that the process of dealing with corporate real estate can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why our team of experts provides you with personalised advice in every situation, to save you time and money!

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