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Our methodology

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Terms and conditions

We conduct a thorough analysis of the applicable terms of your lease agreement to obtain your landlord's official approval and create a customized sublease proposal for your "excess" office space.

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We use our extensive network to help you quickly find a buyer by carefully screening potential subtenants that meet your criteria.

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Visits planning & management

We coordinate with potential subtenants & their representatives, and arrange for office space tours. We follow up with interested subtenants and keep you informed in real time of the progress of the process.

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We take care of the negotiation between the different parties, as well as the review and verification of the sublease contract in order to settle all the administrative details.


How do I sublet part of my office space?

If you have excess office space, subleasing is a smart way to maximize your investment and reduce your expenses.

However, the legal process for authorizing subleases can vary depending on your commercial lease agreement. Either your lease agreement contains an initial prohibition or allows it. So, you need to be careful in this complex area, but there are ways around the prohibitions that allow businesses to benefit from short-term rentals while still meeting legal requirements.

If this is not clear to you, Business Space is here to help!

Subletting your offices without your landlord’s permission makes the sublease irregular and exposes you to various potential risks.
Your landlord can activate a resolutory clause in your lease, because you will not have fulfilled your commitments and thus terminate your lease without compensation. He can also refuse to renew the lease for the same reason and can often revise it by right if the conditions of the sublease are not favorable. You should also be prepared for possible claims for financial compensation or damages from the subtenant.
In addition, your subtenant may decide to terminate the sublease without notice or compensation if it discovers that the sublease is improper, and may also request a reduction in rent or a suspension of payments until the situation is remedied.
Moreover, an improper sublease agreement may prevent you from holding your subtenant responsible if there are problems in the future. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you always obtain official approval from your landlord before subletting.
If you are looking to sublet a portion of your office/work space, it is important to present things to the landlord properly. Explain the background of your sublease request, including the length of time you are subleasing and the size of the office space you wish to sublease – ideally less than one-third of the total space.
To maximize the chances that your landlord will be accommodating, get his or her formal approval before looking for subtenants, and then be sure to get written permission once subtenants are found. Without the landlord’s permission, subletting can become a problem later on, so it is best to avoid it.


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