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Office dilapidations

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Office dilapidations - don't be tricked!

Because leases can be fraught with pitfalls and costly surprises, it is essential for companies and organisations to be vigilant in their execution.

The reinstatement clause sets out in detail the obligations of the tenant to return the premises at the end of the contract.

Many tenants are all too often trapped by rather vicious clauses. Business Space specialises in defending tenants against the hidden costs of these clauses.

Don’t let your lease leave you vulnerable: use our services to avoid hidden costs and unpleasant surprises.

Business Space advises you on the reinstatement clause

Business Space helps tenants make smart leasing decisions by eliminating the uncertainties of returning office space at the end of the lease.

We provide comprehensive analysis and insightful recommendations so tenants can make informed decisions without costly surprises.

This service is invaluable in clarifying potential financial obligations related to the handover, while promoting fairness and peace of mind – ultimately ensuring a successful lease for all parties involved.

Our methodology

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We carefully analyse the applicable conditions of your lease agreement for the restoration.

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Consulting & Strategy

We determine an optimal negotiation strategy and advise you on how and when to implement it.

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We coordinate the tasks to be carried out by a certified surveyor and conduct the negotiations with your landlord and/or the property manager.

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In addition, we accompany you until the official agreement is obtained. Finally, we supervise the drafting and amendment of administrative agreements.

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Any questions about office dilapidations?

The refurbishment of office space is a contractual obligation in every lease agreement.

In the case of office space, the cost of refurbishment usually amounts to a minimum of 60 to 80 euros per m². If this procedure is not followed in time and in the best possible way, tenants may be faced with unpleasant surprises and an exorbitant bill on leaving.

Business Space advises tenants to make smart leasing decisions by removing the uncertainty of returning offices at the end of the lease.

Our team carefully evaluates your legal documents, making sure that no unexpected costs come as a surprise.

Our consultants also provide bespoke advice on how to balance refurbishment obligations in a way that is fair and beneficial to tenants. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your finances are secure!

If necessary, we also negotiate agreements with the owners and/or managers of the buildings.

In the case of office space, the cost of refurbishment usually amounts to a minimum of 75 to 125 euros per m². Any compensation is also added to these costs.

The bill can quickly become very expensive for the tenant if he does not pay much attention to the clauses of the restoration.

Business Space has therefore developed a support and negotiation service to reduce this cost for the tenant.

We operate on a “No Cure – No Pay” system.

Our services are only remunerated on the basis of the result achieved for you.

Our client base consists of a diverse set of organisations, ranging from international groups to fast-growing start-ups and international associations & federations.

We advise our clients on their rental situation and listen to their changing needs. We strive to build lasting relationships that support the development of your business or organisation!


Do you want to know everything about office rental?

What is your project?

At Business Space, we understand that the process of dealing with corporate real estate can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why our team of experts provides you with personalised advice in every situation, to save you time and money!

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